For most of us, buying coffee means heading to the grocery store, looking around the shelves and buying what we normally buy, the same old mass produced coffee.  Have you ever asked yourself and wondered how long the coffee has been sitting on the shelf?  A month, a year? And how long ago did they roast it, pack it or grind it?

If you had a choice to buy fresh baked bread or cookies instead of a package with a 1 year shelf life, which would you choose?

Unlike fresh roasted coffee, coffee that's been sitting on a store shelf is prone to oxidation.  This occurs because oxygen begins to make it's way into the bean, which leads to the coffee tasting stale and the gradual decline in flavor.

If you've ever purchased whole bean or ground coffee at a local store or supermarket that you thought was going to have a bold or robust flavor, only to be disappointed, now you know that it's been sitting on a shelf and has experienced moderate to severe oxidation.

There are a lot of myths on the internet from roasters that will tell you that fresh roasted coffee and package age doesn't matter.  They tell you this hoping they can move old inventory that's sitting on a dusty shelf.

Don't believe it.  There is absolutely nothing better than fresh roasted coffee and BrewSouth only ships and delivers fresh roasted coffee.

Fresh Coffee Delivery

Once you've placed your order at BrewSouth, the roaster gets busy roasting your coffee specifically for you.

During the roasting process, gases develop inside each coffee bean.  Once the bean finishes the roasting process, the gases begin escaping the bean which is called 'degassing'.  The roaster holds each roasted batch for 24-48 hours to allow the degassing process to proceed.  This is done to ensure freshness and that the beans are perfectly ready for brewing once you receive your order.

Once the beans have finished their degassing, the roaster verifies the roast and seals the bag for same or next day shipment to our facility.

Your coffee is then shipped to you the same day it arrives at BrewSouth to ensure your coffee is in your hands within 48-72 hours of shipping.

BrewSouth holds no inventory, so you know when you order Sumatra Mandheling, Pensacola Beachin' Blend or Brazilian Oro, it's fresh roasted coffee, and roasted specifically for you.