Single Origin Coffee

While the blends we sell are absolutely delicious, trying a Single Origin coffee from a specific area of the world is an incredible experience. So, when you're ready to explore the decadent world of Single Origin coffee, BrewSouth can accommodate that urge with an amazing assortment of Single Origin coffee to choose from. Begin your international journey experiencing Single Origin coffee with some delicious Sumatra Mandheling, Kenyan AA or Tanzania Peaberry. Further expand your Single Origin horizons with some Honduran Highgrown or the luscious and velvety smooth Guatemala Antigua. Choose from other Single Origin destinations such as Brazilian Oro, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, or Costa Rican Tarrazu. Now you're ready to tour the exciting world of Single Origin coffee from the comfort of your own home with BrewSouth and our experienced small batch coffee roasters guiding your way.